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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Finding the Nerve

So, I've finally decided that it was time to begin chronicling my life, the people that surround me, and especially the things I've done or plan to do.  Someday, this might be something that my daughter might read and reminisce.  That won't happen anytime soon, I believe, since my daughter is only 7.  Facebook doesn't cut it for me.  It's too "in the moment", and I find that I never have anything important to say at a given point in time.  I would rather sit and reflect on the important things, and put them all down at once, rather than 15 posts throughout a day with each little event being lost in the shuffle.  

To start out, I've always felt that I am fairly decent at expressing things in written words.  I guess that I suffer from something far more problematic than writer's block, and that would be from a lack of motivation in the first place.  I enjoy numerous different activities and hobbies, but I generally float from one subject to the next, obsessing over it for a week or two, learning all about it, and spending money on "gear" with nothing ever really "sticking".

The only thing that has remained constant throughout the years has been my love of the outdoors.  I've read "survival" type books since I was 6 or 7 years old, always fantasizing about disappearing into the wilderness, and living off of the land, ala Christopher McCandless (of Into the Wild notoriety).  

Had I not found my wife, Megan, I may very well be doing (or at least attempting to do) just that.  However, since I have a family to provide for and bills to pay, I'll settle for the occasional backpacking trip for a few days somewhere east of the Mississippi, or even a Saturday morning walk of 1/4 mile to an old mill site along the Ohio and Erie canal in Akron, OH. Then again, I may get it in my head that I want to work on the car, go have a beer, or write a blog.

Since it's the subject I feel the most experienced in, and also the one that I know will be a lifelong love of mine, I'll probably have a lot of backpacking, camping, hiking, and related things.  Sometimes I'll probably just ramble on about completely different subjects that I find interesting.  With enough effort, maybe I'll find that there are certain subjects that I write more about than others.

Since the spirit of this blog will be about "Finding the Nerve" to learn about and try new things while juggling a career in IT, a family, and my own personal life, expect a lot of randomness.

Now, I just have to "find the nerve" to write.